Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan




The EU Funded Twinning Project ‘Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the modernization of its policy and management system in the culture sector’ brings together the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy as the member state partner and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Azerbaijan as project beneficiary. 

The key purpose of the initiative is to contribute to modernizing Azerbaijan's policy and management of the culture sector to be a solid transition instrument to a more effective and up-to-date model. It will support the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in the transition to a more strategic management model for the culture sector with particular focus on cultural heritage needs (including tangible and non-tangible heritage, museums and libraries) adapting appropriate European experience and models.

The activities are divided into two main components.

Component 1:  Cultural Sector Policy and Governance Reform.

The aim is to develop a new culture sector policy and governance system in Azerbaijan through an in-depth analysis of the current situation, the formulation of a new culture sector policy and governance model, the drawing up of amendments to the legal framework and the enhancement of the capacities MCT, its regional offices and relevant stakeholders on management, co-ordination, networking and digitalization.

Component 2:  Institutional Development of Cultural Heritage Management

The aim is to assist the Beneficiary elaborating an effective model of management of national cultural heritage (including tangible and intangible heritage, museums and libraries) and to introduce an updated regulatory framework for preservation, protection and promotion of cultural heritage developed.

Analysis of the current Azerbaijani regulations will be conducted; key needs related to reforms will be identified and discussed with the stakeholders.

The Twinning Project has been launched on February 8th 2016 and will be completed on April 7th 2018 (26 months).