Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Azerbaijan



Contribution of the EU to the culture of Azerbaijan


One of the most efficient steps taken by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MCT), in order to contribute to the improvement of the non-oil sector, is the use of the EU Twinning tool.

A Twinning project -“Support to the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan for the modernisation of its policy and management system in the culture sector”- recently started.

The project is mainly focused on the cultural heritage needs  and in adapting appropriate European experience and models.

The following results are expected to be realised at the end of this EUR 1.2 Million project:

The culture sector policy and governance system in Azerbaijan is reviewed and a new model is developed

Amendments to the legal framework for full application of a new culture sector policy and governance model are drafted

The capacity of the MCT, its regional offices and relevant stakeholders on management, co-ordination, networking and digitalisation of culture sector are enhanced on the basis of European best practices and tested

An effective odel of management of national cultural heritage (including tangible and intangible heritage, museums and libraries) is elaborated and tested

The regulatory framework for preservation, protection and promotion of the cultural heritage is developed

During the 24 months duration of the project, expert missions and workshops will be organised in cooperation with the Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy (MIBACT).

The kick-off meeting of the project was held on 15 March 2016 with the participation of high-level representatives of the Azerbaijani Administrations. It was headed by Mr Abulfas Garayev, Minister of the Culture and Tourism, and presentations were made by the Italian and Azerbaijani Project Leaders and by the Italian Resident Twinning Advisor. They also answered to all the questions of participants.